The Turn of the Screw 1986

Based in the story by Henry James, The Turn of the Screw is a tale of a young woman newly employed as Governess to two orphaned children in a  remote county house. With a housekeeper as her only companion, she settles down to what appears to be a happy and carefree life with young Miles and Flora. But the peace and harmony of the home are soon shattered when she witnesses the mysterious appearances of a man and woman in and about the house. Several encounters with the strangers reveal the horrifying truth that these are the ghosts of two foremer servants who are waeving a powerful and desturctive influence over the children. With the help of Mrs. Grose, the Governess sets out to save the children, without realising that her interference may lead to even greater tragedy.

In setting the tale to words and music, Piper and Britten have preserved all the haunting ambiguities and mystery in this powerful story.

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Production Information

Governess Virginia Kerr
Mrs. Grose Nora Ring
Prologue & Quint Peter Kerr
Miss Jessel Judith O'Brien
Flora Catherine Coates
Miles Robert Gilbride / Jeffrey Ledwidge (Understudy)
Two Figures Joy Forsythe / Siobhan Miley

Creative Team

Conductor Prionnsías Ó'Duinn
Director Ben Barnes
Designer Frank Conway
Lighting Designer Rupert Murray

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