George Frideric Handel


A concert performance of Ariodante performed in St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fri 15 April 2016 as part of MusicTown Festival with Irish Baroque Orchestra.

One of Handel’s finest operas, Ariodante takes us to the remote Scottish Highlands where Polinesso’s ruthless desire for power crushes all in his path. This concert performance of Ariodante, accompanied by the acclaimed Irish Baroque Orchestra and conducted by early music specialist Markellos Chryssicos, was presented in St. Patrick’s Cathedral as part of the second MusicTown Festival.

Ginevra, daughter of the King of Scotland, is happily betrothed to Ariodante, but ambitious Polinesso plots to trap the princess into marriage and win the throne for himself. He tricks Ariodante into thinking Ginerva is unfaithful, and once she is falsely accused of infidelity, her father disowns her. Believing Ariodante dead, and finding herself at the mercy of Polinesso, Ginevra is heartbroken.  But then allegiances change, conspiracies are uncovered and lies revealed.

Handel’s gorgeous music brings the urgency of this dramatic and emotional tale vividly to life. Ariodante featured mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty (OTC OPERA HUB) in the title role, and other singers including soprano Majella Cullagh as Ginevra, soprano Kim Sheehan (OTC OPERA HUB), grammy award winning Welsh contralto Hilary Summers as Polinesso, Argentinian tenor Francisco Brito as Ariodante’s brother Lurcanio and Edward Grint as King of Scotland

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Friday 15 April Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral

"This is the moment a star is born, I told myself as I sat breathlessly through mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty's sublime rendering of the aria Scherza infida..."
Sunday Business Post

Production Information


Ariodante Sharon Carty
Ginevra Majella Cullagh
Polinesso Hilary Summers
Dalinda Kim Sheehan
Lurcanio Francisco Brito
King of Scotland Edward Grint


Conductor Markellos Chryssicos

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